Women Relationship Counseling

Women relationship counseling. To find out more about Rediscovering My Body book, digital community, or retreats, click on the links.

Here’s what Tara Galeano has to say about women relationship counseling.

If you are a woman, and seeking relationship counseling now is the time. Often times relationships need some support outside of the couple. that is when it is a great time to employ an expert. A woman’s relationship counselor can help you have a much more satisfying relationship. You may increase your sexual empowerment and radical self-love. Both of which will improve your relationship counseling. Counseling is different than coaching. Women relationship coaching is what Tara Galeano offers. She does this through multiple paths. There is the Rediscovering My Body book, the Rediscovering My Body digital community, the Rediscovering My Body retreats, and the Rediscovering My Body three-month coaching program.

Rediscovering my body book is a great resource to begin women’s relationship counseling. This book helps a woman better listen, know, and love her body, so that she may know more pleasure. It is available on Amazon. Soon a digital version will be available.

There is also the digital community based on the activities created in the guidebook. If you are seeking a community of like-minded women who will support you in your process, this community is for you. Most of these women have experienced relationship counseling. These women want to support and grow with women who are learning to refine their abilities in radical self-love and sexual empowerment. They are learning to listen, know, and love their bodies so that they may experience more pleasure.The Rediscovering My Body digital community is for you now.

If you are looking to dive deeper into the work and want a transformational retreat, this process is ideal for you. Specifically for women seeking relationship counseling radical self love, and sexual empowerment, these transformational retreats help women listen, know, love their bodies so that they may have more pleasure now.

Three-month coaching packages are also an opportunity to work with Tara Galeano. Women’s relationship counseling in Chicago, in London, in New York City are all options through the book, the digital community, the retreats, and the coaching programs. If you are seeking sexual empowerment and radical self-love, this is for you. We’re not meant to do this life alone. We are interdependent. This is why we are here to support each other. If you’re seeking a woman relationship counseling, these resources will help you find radical self-love/self love and sexual empowerment.

Women relationship counseling is for both men and women in relationships. Rediscovering My Body is a program for women. If you are a heterosexual couple seeking, women relationship counseling, please contact Tara Galeano directly. Although she may not be able to help you directly herself, she has many excellent resources and enjoys connecting folks with those experts. You are not alone. You are not meant to do this life alone. If you have a question, ask. It is the only way an answer may come to you.