Sexual Empowerment

Here’s what Tara has to say about sexual empowerment.

Sexual empowerment is a healing therapy for women. Sexual empowerment therapy is best done by a sexual empowerment therapist. Sexual health therapists for women may also help with sexual empowerment. Tara Galeano has been trained as a sexual empowerment therapist and has worked with women for over two decades. As a sexual health therapist for women, she has written a book called Rediscovering My Body, created a digital community based on this book, and hosts retreat for women.

Tara Galeano’s book Rediscovering My Body is an instrumental tool in sexual empowerment therapy. It includes exercises that help women discover the sensations within their bodies so that they may begin to feel empowered. This guidebook also includes journal prompts, guided meditations, activities, and illustrations. It was designed with an aesthetic of beauty in mind to be part of the healing therapy for women.

The Rediscovering My Body digital community is based on the guidebook to also help women with sexual empowerment. This community has a monthly theme that guides women to listen, know, and love their bodies so that they may know more pleasure.

When women can claim more pleasure they are more sexually empowered. This is a form of radical self-love. This supportive community of like-minded women who seek to know more self-love, self-pleasure, and self-empowerment.

Tara Galeano, a sexual health therapist, also hosts sexual empowerment retreats for women. These Rediscovering My Body retreats are healing therapy for women. They are offered a few times a year based on the body of work created by Tara Galeano. These transformational retreats focus on pleasure as our birthright as women. This is a radical idea, like self-love.

For women, who are seeking healing therapy, sexual empowerment is my primary goal says, Tara Galeano. Sexual empowerment is a woman’s ability to listen know and love their bodies so that they may know more pleasure in their bodies. When women know more pleasure in their bodies, they’re able to share that more freely with others. Sexual empowerment therapy is not only good for women it is good for their partners.

Sexual empowerment therapy focuses on women knowing their pleasure, speaking their pleasure, and claiming their pleasure. Through specific protocols and activities, sexual and sexual empowerment therapists, like Tara Galeano, help women experience healing therapy and sexual health. This work is a calling. Healing Therapy for women is a calling. Sexual empowerment therapy is a calling. Becoming a sexual empowerment therapist is a calling. Are you being called? Sexual Empowerment is the way of the future as women identify, name, and claim their pleasure. What are you calling into your life as a woman? Would you like more healing therapy? What would your life look like if you had more sexual empowerment? Sexual health? Radical self-love? What about a sexual health therapist for women to guide you on your path? Or a sexual empowerment therapist? Or a sexual empowerment therapist? How would your life be different?