Female Intimacy and Sexuality

Through the process of intimacy and sexuality coaching for women, I help women answer questions like these. See below.

What is intimacy?

I like to define intimacy as emotional or physical closeness. It is not a euphemism for sexual intercourse. Intimacy can be experienced with many different people, not just your sexual partner or partners. Intimacy in a relationship may be exhibited as showing up vulnerably and openly or sharing more of who you are. Intimacy can be something that we experience with our children, our families, or even sometimes with a stranger. Intimacy is how we show up in relationship. Notice when you are vulnerable. What conditions are in place to make you feel that way? Notice when you are open. Is this an intimate experience? Is it sexual? These are great places to begin to collect data points about yourself. That is important to know more about your comfort and level of intimacy in your relationships.

What is female intimacy? How does it differ from male intimacy?

More great questions. Female implies gender. Intimacy, as described above, is emotional or physical closeness. Female intimacy is the intimacy that one who identifies as female feels when they are vulnerable or open with another. Safety is often a qualifier for this experience of female intimacy.

Male also implies gender; oftentimes defined as the opposite of female. However, as we move beyond dualism, male, may be better identified similarly as female is, one who identities as being male. Male intimacy is one who is as being male being vulnerable and open with another.

What is sexuality?

This is another common question. Let me first begin with what is sex. Sex is the activity or the behavior. Sexuality is the capacity for sexual feelings. It is also the experience and expression of sex. Sexuality is a characteristic of how we are in the world. As an intimacy and sexuality coach for women, I help women define intimacy

and sexuality through the coaching process. This is a very personal process and one that I have been doing for twenty years.

What is coaching? What is Intimacy and Sexuality coaching for women?

Coaching is a process of helping one reach identified goals. As an intimacy and sexuality coach for women, I coach them to listen, know, and love their bodies so that they may know more pleasure. This is an exciting time to be working with women. Pleasure is our birthright. Women are claiming this more today than ever. As we know more pleasure, we help younger women and girls by being role models. There are also fewer incidents of unwanted sexual contact and harm to women. Women empowerment is sexual empowerment.

How is Intimacy and Sexuality coaching for women different than therapy?

Therapy is the treatment of an identified condition by a credentialed professional, usually a clinician with a license. Again as described above, intimacy and sexuality coaching for women is a process to help women work towards identified goals. My work specifically helps women to listen, know, and love their bodies so that they may experience more pleasure.