Welcome to the Bringing Intimacy Back Show, where intimacy is real. If you desire to intimately connect with yourself, significant other, children, family, friends, community, and higher power, then this is the show for you. We explore intimate topics, inspiring life stories, spirituality, and insightful tips on strengthening relationships. The show is hosted by Dr. April and her co-host, Coach K. Let’s get this episode of the Bring Intimacy Back show started. We share with you today the secret power to intimacy, to create the life you love or love the life you create. Now here’s your host, Dr. April and her co-host, Coach K. Welcome to the Bring Your Intimacy Back Show where intimacy is real. How are you doing Coach K? I’m doing amazing and how about yourself? I’m so doing amazing. I’m so happy it’s June and it is like summertime. Yes, June is my birthday month. Woo-woo! Come on, June! Happy birthday to you! Yes, definitely. I think June has so many great qualities. It’s the beginning of summer, it’s Coach K’s birthday. Pride month. Pride month, yes, yes, which is wonderful. Yes, that’s always a good time. So, proud time to be born in June, or just to be alive in June. Yes, definitely. Yes, yes. And for anybody who’s out there listening, one of the things that we are highlighting this month is the charity of the month, which is GSA Network. It is a next generation LGBTQ racial and gender justice organization. So it’s like, I’m glad we’re highlighting that because it empowers trans people who are queer, gay. It just really, it highlights people who are different and are able to own whatever they want to call themselves. You know, and I think that is wonderful. Super important. Yeah, yeah, definitely, especially in these times and days. So I’m just so excited about that, definitely. Yeah, the support is definitely necessary because it’s a difficult time in this world and it only seems to be getting tougher and tougher, meaner and meaner. So these are great organizations when we can highlight safe havens and safe spaces. Yes, so in June or June 1st today, what we’re also going to talk about is psychedelic O’s. Yes. Those are already great. You can add a layer onto it. Yes. Yes, and we definitely, and I’m so excited, we have a wonderful guest that’s going to be joining us. And she is, her name is Kara, I’m hoping I’m pronouncing it correctly. It’s Galiano or Gayliana, we’ll see it when she comes on. But she is a wonderful certified sex therapist who’s worked with women and couples for over two decades to help them get their sexy back on. So I am so happy to have her because she has also a wonderful book called rediscovering my body That sounds so interesting I’m really excited to to get I love the title that book too because here’s the thing Even if you think that you know To rediscover yourself over and over again is like well Yes, because it’s Time goes on your body changes. It does. Mm-hmm, yes, yes. So it’s helpful to rediscover, to look at it, and to rediscover your partner’s body. It’s a variety of different things, yes. So I’m not gonna hold us up for too long. We’re gonna go take a commercial break, and we’ll bring her back on. We’ll be back. Are you wanting a vacation in paradise? Vacation to reignite the passion, the desire in your relationship? Vacation counseling is just for you. You’re deeply committed to your success as a couple. Our couples counseling retreats are exclusive, effective, and intimate. At vacation counseling you will benefit from a combination of couples counseling, intimacy counseling, and individual counseling while you and your partner enjoy a relaxing vacation in sunny Southwest Florida. If you are interested in vacation counseling, please visit us at vacationcounseling.com for more information on prices and packages. Welcome back to the Bringing Intimacy Show, where intimacy is real. Welcome, Tara. Hello. Welcome to me, yes. Thank you. Tara, how are you doing? I’m loving being here with you. So thank you for having me. Good, good. Yes. I want to make sure we pronounce your name correct. You know, if it’s a long A or a short A. Tara Galeano. Galeano. Okay, awesome. Yes. I love that artwork behind you. Oh, is this about… Yes, my vision board. Yes, yes. And it has, in my mind, just so many different forms of intimacy. True thing. Yes, yes. From everything from the animals to the people to the atmosphere, just that closeness. So, this is a show, it’s about intimacy, of course. How do you define intimacy? Yeah, I’d say intimacy is that quality of closeness, of attachment with oneself and with another. Yeah. and with another. Yeah, I love how you just keep it very simple and just very yes, yes. And you’ve been in this field for what, two years? 20 years almost. I have, yes, 23 years plus. Yes, and so one of the things that I think you focus on is this that we keep hearing about. Can you explain to our audience what does DMT mean and how does it relate to orgasms? Yes, so DMT is a shortened version of, let’s see, I don’t even know how to pronounce it, dimethyltryptamine is what I’d say, and it’s the most potent psychedelic known on the planet and it actually is released within our bodies at birth and at death and then also During the rebirth right or the sexual experience of intimacy, so it’s endogenous to our system Yeah Interesting so and then like you said it happens when we are born. Yeah. Yeah, so coming into the world can be a psychedelic experience, although most of us just don’t remember that, right? And it’s released from the mother into the baby, and so the mother transfers that DMT, and DMT is also released at that psychedelic level at the time of death. And so we have these moments in our lifetime of psychedelic experience and also, right, we can begin to reference this if we were to take or ingest a psychedelic. So yeah, so there are many opportunities but what I would say is that because we are able to produce it within our own system, within our own body, that even taking it externally is really this opportunity to remember That we have that within our own system that we have that capacity by Many of us all work with couples and sometimes especially with females. We have a hard time releasing Yeah, able to reach out You know full capacity. What do you guys think? What prevents that? Well, I mean, I’d say trauma, right? Trauma and shame and guilt. Shame and guilt are really huge inhibitors that actually lower the frequency of our vibration, and that it’s been studied to impact us even greater than fear. guilt and shame. I think I’m referencing Dr. David Hawkins’ work, who wrote a book and he’s a kinesiologist, or was a kinesiologist, and did studies of hundreds of people recognizing that there was actually suppression of the immune system and of our musculature when we were experiencing guilt and shame. And so I would say, yeah, that impacts us on a greater level in terms of our own sexual pleasure, because if we’re feeling like we are not good enough and we don’t have value, then it’s hard to imagine that we can have more pleasure or more health or more vibrancy in our life. Right, definitely. And I’m glad you mentioned that shame and guilt because shame, especially in your book of Rediscovering Your Body, you know, many times as women we have so much shame on our own body. We only have one body. That’s true. Uh-huh, yeah. And so what would it be like if we honored our body and loved our body to its fullest potential and capacity? We are really powerful beings, and when we’re experiencing guilt and shame, we’re actually shutting ourselves down and not recognizing our vibrancy. So yeah, the book that I wrote was actually, I guess, created for women because I was working with women who’d had cancer.